A paradigm shift incellular-based therapyfor regenerative medicine

Our platform technologies Progenza™ and Sygenus are novel approaches to pain, that leverage stem cells as cellular pharmacies and utilise Secretome as a therapeutic agent.

Our Technologies

The Science

MSCs and Secretome are the next frontier in targeting pain and inflammation. They combine to make a 'bioactive soup' that repurposes inflamed tissue at a site of injury, helping reduce pain and further tissue damage.

Product Pipeline

Our platform technologies Progenza™ and Sygenus represent a potential major paradigm shift in treating pain and inflammation at its source, by harnessing the power of MSCs and Secretome.

IP and Manufacturing

Our manufacturing techniques ensure cost-effective and high batch-to-batch consistency in our stem cell production. Alongside our research partners, we can scale up our platform technologies to meet market demand.

Latest news

Regeneus receives milestone payment from Kyocera

Australian biotechnology and life sciences online news source, BiotechDaily, reported that Regeneus received a non-refundable milestone payment of approximately $1.6 million (100 million Japanese Yen) from Kyocera Corporation as set out in the non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed on 2 March 2020.

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